This is a first draft, so manga in this list are labelled "lost" liberally. If I haven't found scans online I've labelled it "lost". Some may be available easily for purchase, may have scans I didn't find, may be available on the Japanese web, or may be sitting in thousands of people's garages but never got scanned. Over time we'll find out if any are truly lost.

Items listed LOST/POLISH are available via manga2.pokespecial.com.pl but nowhere else. They do a lot of their own scans and don't wish to release the originals. If you have trouble accessing the site, try firefox.

ADVICE: If you want to download from jb2448, navigate to the comic via [ https://jb2448.info/var/albums/ ] because the images are shrunken on the front end. Use a program like jdownloader to download in bulk.

Contact me at pokemangaarchivist@gmail.com. Thanks.